My Journey into The Past 

Well, many people believe it is a recollection of a previous life, and various studies have found this to be true.  People have been able to successfully find documentation to substansiate the evidence given during a regression session.  To help you decide whether past life regression is really for you, I will decribe my past life regression session carried out by Gary, a Lincoln based hypnotherapist.

The first thing I was aware of, after having been put deep in to hypnosis, was of wearing a kind of large leather apron, similar to that a blacksmith wears.  I knew I was a large heavy set strong man and didn't feel particularly clean.  As I looked around, I found I was stood in what I would only describe as a large shed, which I believed to be my home.  It was very bare and basic, and when asked what I did for a living, I reported I was a woodcutter.  I said the year was 1610 and my name was John 'O' Leary.  I had a wife and child apparantly, but did not seem to know where they were.  I believed I lived near Leadenham, or Leadham.  I described with great fondness a pub called the Cow and Anchor, that I said I frequented with my friends. My mannerism's changed to that of a man during this session, so was glad when I was brought forward in time to be a women in my next life.

I was brought forward in time to 1827. This time I was a lady living in a large grand house with servants.  I felt so uncomfortable dancing, wearing this big blue ball gown, which probably accounts for the fact that I hate big flouncy dresses now.  As the lady of the house, I felt totally bored, and this showed in my manner.  I became very matter of fact as I described details to the hypnotherapist.  I was apparantly married to an older man and had three children. My husband's name was John Nutsford, and my children were called Ellis, Dwight, and Joanna. We lived somewhere near Chatsworth apparantly, but it was on its own estate which I did not name, so was not able to locate it later.

I can describe my experience as very enjoyable and enlightening, and it felt totally real.  If It was just my imagination, then I would have surely never been a lonely wood cutter or a bored lady with an older husband.  It showed me that no matter how much money, wealth. or status you have, it can not insure happiness.

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Please note my PLR sessions have helped some people find answers in the past, to behaviours/ fears in their lives now. I have even helped people that were believed to be on the Titanic.