Well Denise, when you started getting me tap I thought " What a load of rubbish" but have to say I WAS WRONG" I can not believe you took away my cravings just like that and having hypnosis was so relaxing.

So Denise when you said magical and mystical I wasn't expecting anything so dramatic. But I have to say I haven't had a drink since the day I came to see you and don't even miss it! All I can say is amazing.

OK so you were right, everything you said on that first session has come true. It still feels so easy and the cm's are less and less each week. Hypnoslimmer is the word! xx

I know Denise this will sound so strange and impossible to anyone who hasn't met you, but when my wine tasted nasty when I wasn't doing as I had promised myself ( 2 soft drinks for every 1 alcoholic drink) and then the same glass tasted normal, all I can say is amazing.I won't even mention when I tried to buy a chocolate bar out of habbit. But the weight is falling off me and my food tastes wonderful. 

Hi Denise, I have passed on your name to many, since coming to you I have not had one cup of coffee, nor do I want one. I can not believe it, the suggestions we spoke about, ie cola, coffee, bread etc I have had no urge for. Like I said 3 st lighter. If I could just persuade people to try it for themselves, they would see a difference in no time . You will be glad to know that Margaret from Driff is still doing well and is about 7 stone lighter. Size 24 to a size 12 for the first time ever.

Stopping Smoking was so easy with you. It was the best £100 I have spent, it has saved me so much I am now going on holiday to Florida.

Thanks Denise, am now 2 stone lighter and will never diet again. Still loving water.

Never had another cig in my mouth thanks to you! The water suggestion has made it so easy not to turn to sweets.

Hello Denise, I feel I must write and give you some feed back to our session EFT. (Tapping). After the session I had in June I felt my driving issues actually got worse and I wondered why!

After I returned from my holiday inCyprusI thought about maybe having some hypnotherapy as in my session you uncovered some deep buried issues I had held onto for the last three years. One of these issues was very much linked into my workplace; asking me if I enjoyed my work and could I move jobs. At the time I really thought I was never going to be able to leave my work place as I had twelve years invested in the job and my un-willingness to let go of my metaphorical comfort blanket: I did start to think though of the possibilities and what life would be like without this job. I realised I was very un-happy and this was having a very negative impact on my life; in turn I believe my driving issues also - because as you know these started at work three years ago through being bullied and two close bereavements I suffered all simultaneously.

I have since handed in my notice at work and have bought my own business. I have returned to driving without the fear and panic attacks - after three years of almost no driving, I have more energy and feel motivated in my work. I have found myself returning to how I used to be with my sense of humour returning and my positive outlook replacing the black negative outlook that had taken me over.

 really don't understand the sudden U turn my life has had but I am happy to embrace it, I had spent a lot of money and time in therapy, acupuncture, CBT, desensitisation techniques , advanced lessons in driving and of course beta-blockers that masked my attacks.

Denise it is strange that I hoped for a miracle from our session and was so grateful you herd my pleas over the telephone; my desperation and exhaustion you picked out immediately. Generous you were in seeing me the very next day on your normal day off Friday. In all you gave me the best part of four hours with the phone call and our appointment but only charged me the same fee. Miracles I hoped for but I never expected in reality I would be driving without issue, words cannot describe this as I had come to believe I had this condition for life.

 To sum up Denise I believe something was exposed from our session that I had suppressed; it was an emotional and draining session and I really was fatigued afterwards, but on reflection it kick started a chain reaction in me that has put me on a positive journey for my future. I thank you s. 

My husband thought it was a waste of money, but has had to eat his words. It still amazes him how I can leave food on my plate. Sweets and chocolate just dont interest me and am down 2 sizes.Thanks so much.

Thankyou for giving me my confidence back, have just treated myself to that Dress, in the size I saw myself in that first session with you. You were right about me loving the water, although I remember stronly objecting on that first session. Your words "You will do" still make me laugh now.

I have played your relaxation cd so many times now. Its about time you made that new one you keep promising. Waiting impatiently!

Why did I not do this years ago! its been so easy. No more slimming clubs counting calories or starving and binging. My water consumption is up and wine consumption is down, thanks Denise.

My wife is amazed how much less I am eating, the only thing is the dog is getting fat. I can now get into those jeans easily and now need a belt on most trousers. May be its time to buy some new ones, but that means shopping.

Well Denise when we started doing EFT, I thought no way is this going to cure my phobia for flying, but having just returned from Canada I have to admit how wrong I was. Thanks for curing my phobia and allowing me to visit my grandchildren.

This weight control programme has taught me so much about my behaviour towards food, and how it was controlling my life. I am now free to eat what I want and the weight is coming off  without any effort. I have even joined the gym again and am feeling much fitter, thanks to your motivation.

Just thought I would give you an update on how I'm doing.
Things are gong really well at the moment.
Still haven't drunk one can of coke, had any crisps and only had a few chips.
The bag of maltesers are still in the cupboard not opened.
I have had a few bad days but just put my cd on and I get back into proper mode.
I got your letter about the cd for exercise while you sleep. I need to send you a cheque as that sounds a good idea to me!!!!!

Hi Den,got through christmas without the usual guilt and dispair of getting on the scales. My first christmas without weight gain! amazing. thanks.

So hypnolady, the lads are amazed I'm still not smoking! despite their best efforts to tempt me. Some will end up coming to see you eventually I think!


Notice from Denise - You will notice that most of my testimonials are frorm weight control or smoking clients, this is because my treatments sessions tend to be with people who have emotional issues who would prefer not to discuss their very private thoughts outside the therapy room. This means that most of my recomendations also come from smokers,  weight control clients,  or clients who just pass my card on through family members. If any of my previous clients would care to submit comments, please feel free to email me (go to contacts page). To all those who have submitted comments not on view yet, sorry for the delay, they will appear shortly.