No Dieting  No Food Craving  No Binge Eating


 Welcome To Low Cost Weight Loss 



Crave all the wrong foods?

Binge Eating?

Lose weight & pile it back on?

Comfort Eating?

Lack motivation to lose weight?

Boredom snacking? 


  • Do you want to only think about food when you eat?
  • Do you want to think positively about yourself?
  • Do you want to eat what you want and still lose weight?
  • Do you want to feel confident about how you look?
  • Do you want to shift chocolate craving instantly?


Then you need my weight loss programme! 

How does it work 

By using modern Clinical Hypnotherapy, I put your mind back in control of the food it requires. So you only think about food when you need to eat. Once your mind is back in control of your eating, you will find you only want to eat when you are physically hungry, and you stop as soon as you are pleasantly satisfied. I tailor each session to your needs. so can put suggestions in to help you control your emotional eating. No  foods are banned on this programme, so you do not spend your days thinking about foods you shouldn't have. It is about taking the focus off all the foods you know you don't need, whilst eating the right amount of healthy food, without missing what you don't eat.

I was originally trained in the HypnoSlimmer concept by its Founder, but decided to offer my own version of the weight control, programme, as I have been able to add to everything I was taught and at the same time keep my prices realistic for Bridlington and surrounding areas.

I can also put in motivation to take more regular exercise, if that is something you think you need. It is about working together to achieve your goals

You also receive a relaxing hypnotherapy cd or download if prefered, which helps you stay focused and motivated, whilst helping the brain to adapt your way of eating.

Each session we do something different in hypnosis, so helping to clear any past reasons for eating when you are not physically hungry.  


   5 Hypnotherapy Sessions, 

   1 Craving Buster

   1 Hypnosis CD

   1 Information Booklet 


     All for the affordable low price of 

   Only £45 per session

 As from 1st April 2017 I now offer a £20 initial consultation to everyone, to enable people thinking of doing my weight control programme to learn how it fully works and ask any questions. They then take home a questionnaire to read and complete and bring with them on their first session should they decide to book in. This enables their sessions to be tailored more to their needs.  

Please note I no longer offer the free Initial consultation or meet and greet session, as due an increasing number of people booking free appointments and just not turning up, I found I was not able to fit the people in who really needed an appointment. So I came to the hard decision to offer a more informative and longer initial consultation that I now charge £20 for. But you are still welcome to bring a friend /friends with you to this session, should you wish.

Call Denise now to book an initial consultation or for information.

01262 604095 

or contact by email at